Moving students closer to their future


Hundreds of school buses brought in thousands of students to Cobo Hall for the Shell Eco-Marathon experience.


Shell hosts an annual competition for college students to build special vehicles to race while obtaining the highest fuel efficiency. Hours of design and research are invested in the vehicles. In order to continue inspiring new ideas and future engineers and professionals, Shell invites local elementary school-aged children to experience these forward-thinking ideas in action.

CPS partnered with Shell to provide coordination and staging of school buses and organized drop-off and pick-up areas to safely move children into Cobo Hall. Over 2 days, the CPS team was vigilant and attentive to the thousands of students that walked through the doors, making sure they stayed with their teachers and made it safely back on their buses.


Helping thousands of students arrive safely to the Shell Eco-Marathon to experience new ideas and a fun learning environment.