When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community, all of our customers were looking for alternative ways to host their annual events like fundraisers, town hall meetings, and awards ceremonies. Instead of throwing in the towel, they called on the team at CPS to jump in and launch these events on a virtual scale. Given the unique circumstances, CPS shifted their gears from large scale, in-person, physical event production to ‘virtual’ event production. This shift included services for live stream broadcasting and video production, pre-recorded shows, post-production editing, video studio effects, social media integration, and video conference hosting platforms.

Just like a smooth running engine, the team at CPS revved up and produced high-quality professional virtual events that exceeded their customers’ expectations. Hosting a virtual event that is engaging and fun for its remote participants may seem impossible. However, CPS took all aspects of virtual event production into consideration, including participant engagement. Utilizing various hosting platforms, the CPS team provided options for virtual break out rooms and fun activities for participants to enjoy in the safety of their homes. Whether it’s an executive introduction, a Detroit trivia contest, an opportunity for networking, a family scavenger hunt, a magic show, or a dance party, CPS provided their customers with high-impact experiences for all.

Health and safety is the top priority for our customers and employees. During all phases of virtual event production, we follow all safety guidelines to provide our guests with the safest environment and highest health standards. We will continue to monitor local and state regulations regarding Covid-19 restrictions.

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